Halstead Studio Services

Budget and Project Management

We help determine the realistic costs for the project including materials, fixtures, and trade services.  We help the client decide what and when to spend to create the desired result with a constant view of how to get the best value for the funds spent.  The homeowner will have an accurate budget for every aspect of their project.  The homeowner can help determine how the project should be executed to achieve the planned results while managing the rate of spending (i.e. should the project be phased?) 

We create a schedule for the project which includes but is not limited to the design of the space, the purchasing of the furnishings and finishes, and the work to be done.  For each task identified the responsible party as well as the planned start and end date are identified. Tasks are schedule to produce the best overall schedule for the project. This will provide a realistic forecast of the time required to finish the project.  The client will know what to expect during the project and therefore, will be able to plan for it. 

Critical considerations that can affect the schedule include:

  • When is the space ready and available to start work?
  • Will the client reside in the space during the renovation? If so, will there be times when occupancy of the space is not practical or safe?
  • How accessible is the space?
  • Are there site restrictions on when work can be performed?
  • Is there space available for material storage and preparation?
  • What is the availability of the trades-people to perform the work?
  • How decisive is the client? 
  • How available is the client for decision making? 

Schedules also normally include a contingency for unforeseen circumstances.  

Once work on the project is started the Project Manager provides over-sight of the work to make sure it is executed according to plan and regular status updates to the client.  Most project schedules include a degree of uncertainty and the duration and timing of tasks can change throughout the life of the project.  The Project Manager keeps close watch on each task in relationship to the overall schedule and manages the execution of the tasks in an attempt to protect the planned end date. The management of trades people and their work is included in the Project Management responsibilities unless the client is providing some of the work independently.  In either event, the timing of the work is monitored and managed within the framework of the plan.

The project management of the plan is a critical success factor for the project.

A Project Manager or Interior Designer is not a General Contractor.  While we do have some knowledge of construction, we rely heavily on trades people and others for direction when it come to structural soundness, electrical work and plumbing work adhering to code as well as many other skills and capabilities a General Contractor provides that a designer does not.